11 Things You Need to Do After a Blog Post Goes Live

Blog Post Goes Live

If you are a blogger then you must know how much time and work a blogger has to put writing an article. But writing a great post is only half the battle. While writing a blog post you need to make sure your post looks and reads well. Moreover, you have to figure out how to reach your targeted audience. Because all your effort will go in vain if you fail to make your blog post viral after it goes live. So in this article, I will discuss 11 things that you need to do after a Blog Post Goes Live. This will make sure that your blog post really strikes a chord with your audience and gets more than a handful of shares.

11 Things to Do after a Blog Post Goes Live

It’s true that we can’t control how well our blog post will perform on the web but we can certainly take a series of steps to make sure that it performs to its full potential. People made mistakes by thinking that social share is enough to make a blog post viral. Social share plays vital roles but believes me it takes more than social share to make a blog post viral. Here are the details of what you have to do after your Blog Post Goes Live.

Share on Social Media

Share on Social Media

After publishing a blog post make sure you share the post on all the Social Media that are available. If your blogging platform is WordPress then you can use Social Share Plugins. It will make easy for the visitors to share your article. After a Blog Post Goes Live use these social media network to get in as many shares and visitors as possible:

  • Post on Facebook
  • Post on Twitter
  • Post on Google +
  • Post on LinkedIn
  • Post on Pinterest
  • Post on YouTube (If Applicable)
  • Submit to Reddit
  • Submit to StumbleUpon (My Personal Favorite)

Make a Social Media Campaign

I wonder how many bloggers apply this method. Creating an evergreen social media campaign can make your post viral over the social network. An evergreen campaign is a series of social media updates that constantly recycle the same topic. So instead of just sharing your post a few times and calling it a day, your post gets promoted over and over again with a different point of view. So it will create a great hype among the readers about your article. Here are some ideas for social media updates to add to your evergreen campaign:

  • Share a variation of the headline for your post
  • Share a quote from your post
  • Share an Infographics or image from your post
  • Make a video related to your article and share it

Respond to Comments in Appropriate Way

“Thanks for the Comment” doesn’t appreciate by people anymore. Unless you are getting 100 comments on your blog post, take your time to respond to all the comments in an appropriate way. Let people know you appreciate the time they took to comment on your post. Try to discuss a few of their points or share your own opinion. Make a conversation going. This will bring back people to your post again and again. It is proven that a reader who gets an acknowledgment from the writer is much more likely to leave a comment again and share the blog post as well.

Reach out Influencers to Spread the Word

Another great way to promote a Blog Post after it goes Live is reaching out the Influencers. Believe me, this is something that most people never think of doing. If an influencer shares your post on social media, it can make a great difference. You can find the influencers by using BuzzSumo. Once you find the influencers send out a brief email containing the post information and ask for a share. You can get a positive response if you have some sort of relationship with them. But it’s worth trying.

Bring Traffic through Email List

Bring Traffic through Email List

Building your own Email list is very important for many reasons. Promoting a new blog post is one of them. After a Blog Post Goes Live you must promote your post through the Email list. Because, people who are subscribed to your email list, are some of your biggest fans and they are the ideal people to see your post first.

While sending Email to your subscribers, don’t include the whole post in the mail. Because, if the subscribers get your full post in their inbox, they will not visit your blog. Instead, use a brief “teaser email” that tempts your subscribers to click through to your blog and share the post with their friends.

Get Easy Backlinks

If you want a huge number of traffics to your post then you have to raise your post’s position in Google Ranking. For that, you’ll need to get backlinks from high-quality sources to your blog post. There are some good sites which allow users to self-publish content, like Medium, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. You can write a small essay based on your new post and publish it on these sites with a link to your post. You can also create a small video or make an audio podcast and upload it to audio and video sharing sites. By doing so, you can get easy backlinks for your post.

Answer the Questions on Quora

By answering questions on Quora you can easily promote your blog post and bring traffic to your site. What you have to do is search for your topic, and see what questions come up. Then compose a thoughtful answer with a link to your blog post. Make sure that your answers are helpful and informative. Don’t just drop your link and run. Because Quora consider this kind of answer as spam and can ban your profile.

Post to Forums

If applied properly, this strategy can become a great asset to you. Prior to using this strategy, you have to identify niche forums related to your site. Then you have to make yourself eligible for sharing links as forum rules are very strict. But once you’ve spent the time building up a bit of a reputation, forums can be a great source of high-quality traffic. So after your Blog Post Goes Live share it to any forum that you are active on.

Participate In Groups

Participate In Groups

Groups are quite similar to forums but normally have more relaxed rules. There are tons and tons of groups out there on Facebook, Linkedin etc. Some of these groups are niche specific. Sharing posts in these groups not only bring readers to your blog post but also connect with other bloggers. Relationship with other blogger is very important to grow your blog.

Build Internal Link with Older Post

Internal linking is a very important part of On-Page SEO and as a blogger that’s something you should take care off on your own blog as well. Interlinking your new blog post with older post makes it easier for Google to index. If the content on your website is related, link them together by contextual links. This will keep your readers browsing your blog and the ranking of your website in SERP will increase.

Update the Published Post Regularly

This is a very important trick that is missed by most of the bloggers. It makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful blogger. Because “freshness” is an important factor that Google takes into account when deciding whether or not to display a post in the search results. Moreover, updating your published blog post with new information on a regular basis keeps the readers’ interest alive. So my advice will be, try to update the content whenever it is appropriate especially the time-sensitive topics.

The Closure

Like I’ve told you many times, your work is not over as soon as you click “publish”. In fact what you do once a Blog Post Goes Live is even more important than what you do before. So rather than writing post after post, pay a while getting people to read those you’ve already written. Try a number of the above tasks on your older posts and see which one work for you.

Finally, if you think that I have ignored any vital tip or any trick worth sharing, be at liberty to contact me or comment below. I will add it to the article as soon as possible.

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    Building relationships with other bloggers in your space and asking them to blog about or link to your post can be a great way to expand your reach.

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      Hi Blake. You made a great point by mentioning “don’t just drop a link and run”. Because it’s very important to engage with other’s post, discuss, and mention points that they left out. It helps people understand what kind of knowledge you have on the topic and grow your reputation.

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