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5 Important SEO Keyword Terms that Affects SERPs Ranking

Important SEO Keyword Terms

Keyword or Keyword research is one of the foundational tactics of SEO. There are a lot of tools to do a keyword research. As well as some very Important Keyword Research Metrics that help us to identify the best keywords for our content. We always give emphasize to these factors. In the process, we forget about some very Important SEO Keyword Terms.

An effective keyword research is very important for SEO ranking. But putting keywords here and there in content will not help the cause. If you are new to SEO industry and learning keyword research then you have to understand these Important SEO Keyword Terms very well.

5 Important SEO Keyword Terms

These are the 5 Important SEO Keyword Terms that one has to understand very well. They are:

  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword Frequency
  • Keyword Prominence
  • Keyword Proximity
  • Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Density

Keyword Density refers to the percentage (ratio) of keywords that appear in the index-able text on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization, it helps the Googlebot to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

The ideal Keyword Density percentage (ratio) differs from search engine to search engine.   Many SEO experts consider the best keyword density would be around 2 to 4 percent. More from this range could be considered as search spam also known as Keyword Stuffing.

In the era of modern SEO, there is a debate about the importance of Keyword Density for the ranking of a web page. Because after the Google Panda update; websites with a higher percentage of Keyword Density get penalized. So it is wiser to keep the percentage of Keyword Density between the ranges regardless of its importance.

The formula we use to calculate the keyword density of a web page is very simple. And it is:

Keyword Density = (Nkr / Tkn) * 100

Nkr = how many times you repeated a specific keyword

Tkn = total words in the article or content

So, if an article or content has 700 words and a keyword is used for 14 times then the keyword density for that content will be:

Keyword Density = (Nkr / Tkn) * 100

                             = (14/700) * 100

                  = 0.02*100

    = 2%

Weak in math; there is nothing to wary about. Because there are a lot of tools that will help you calculate the keyword density of a web page. Search in Google using “Keyword Density Tool” and you will find your desired tool.

Keyword Frequency

Keyword Frequency is an important aspect of SEO. It refers to the number of times a particular keyword appears on a website. Inserting keywords into page content enables a site to be ranked for those keywords. So the theory is that the more times a keyword or keyword phrase appears on a web page, the better the site will rank in Google.

But remember including keywords here and there in content will not help your site’s ranking. Because overloading a text with keywords can look as spam and drive visitors away from your site. So it is very important to insert keywords where appropriate.

People sometimes get confused between Keyword Density and Keyword Frequency. Both of them sound same but they are actually different. Keyword Density indicates the number of times a particular keyword is used in a single web page, where Keyword Frequency indicates the number of times that particular keyword is used in the entire website.

Keyword Prominence

In search engine optimization (SEO), Keyword prominence refers to the prominent placement of keywords or how prominent your keywords are within key elements of your web page. Simple it means you should put your keywords at the prominent area in a content of your web pages.

Some of the prominent area of a web page are title tag, heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.), meta description , opening paragraph and other html tags such as <b>, <body>, <p>, <br>, <i>.

Keywords prominence is one of the most important factors for search engine optimization and it is related to On – Page SEO. Google always appreciate a well-optimized content and give priority in Search engine results. So if we optimize our content properly by using the concept of Keyword Prominence then it will be much easier for us to rank our website high in SERPs.

Keyword Proximity

Keywords also known as Search Terms are made of two or more keywords. Keyword Proximity indicates the distance of two or more keywords within a text or content. If there is no other expression between the keywords, then the Keyword Proximity is very high. Here is an example of Keyword Proximity:

Keyword Proximity

The main objective of Keyword Proximity is not to have all of your keywords within a close distance, but the smaller the distance between the keywords, the more relevant that page will be from a search engine’s point of view.

Keyword Proximity is one of the many factors of SEO that can make or break all of your efforts in search engine optimization. It is important not to use any stop words between very important keywords on a website. In the main time, we have to consider Visitors reading experience as well as the text flow and the quality of the content.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing refers to a “Black Hat” SEO technique where website owner loads a website with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate Google search results and gain an unfair rank advantage in SERPs. Here is an example of Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword Stuffing

Back in the early years of SEO, it was a very popular method and one could easily manipulate a page’s ranking on SERPs with Keyword Stuffing. But Search Engine Algorithm has come a long way. With every update, they got stronger and now easily can detect a website stuffed with keywords.

Keyword Stuffing is not a wise and more importantly a very dangerous method to apply in SEO. The former head of the web spam team at Google Matt Cutts warned webmasters about keyword stuffing and said:

“We are trying to level the playing field a bit. All those people doing, for lack of a better word, over optimization or overly SEO – versus those making great content and a great site. We are trying to make Googlebot smarter, make our relevance better, and we are also looking for those who abuse it, like too many keywords on a page, or exchange way too many links or go well beyond what you normally expect.”

So it is clear that Keyword Stuffing doesn’t work anymore. More over if your site contains keywords that have an unnaturally high density, there is a chance of your site’s ranking will actually drop rather than rise. In a worse case, your site could be removed from the search engine index completely.

The closure

Everyone nowadays giving emphasize on content and its quality. But they don’t understand about the fact that every great content is built with the combination of good keyword research and these very Important SEO Keyword Terms.

So following these keyword terms will give you a competitive edge and believe me these little things does matter a lot in SEO ranking. Develop a strategy and implement these Important SEO Keyword Terms in content, and they will definitely help you increase your sites rankings in search engine.

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