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SEO Keywords: Definition | Importance | Execution

SEO Keywords Definition, Importance, Execution

When we are talking about learning SEO, first thing comes before us is SEO Keywords. It is one of the most important elements of SEO. The Success of an SEO campaign mostly depends on keywords. In this article, I will try to give a detailed analysis on SEO keywords and its Definition, Importance, Execution.

Definition of SEO Keywords

“SEO keywords” is a term that describes the content of a web page. It is a combination of words and phrases that a searcher enters into search engines. It is the base of Search Engine Optimization.

The main purpose of “SEO keywords” is to improve the page’s search engine optimization (SEO) value. Because it determines the position of a page on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

A survey shows that 95% of the website traffic comes through a search engine while other 5% comes from a few hand-picked posts like social media sharing. So higher position in SERP is very important and the proper use of Keywords in content will lead the way.

Types of SEO Keywords

  1. Market defining keywords
  2. Customer defining keywords
  3. Product or Service keywords
  4. Business to Business (B2B) keywords
  5. Modifiers keywords
  6. Brand keywords
  7. Entity keywords
  8. Demographic Segmented keywords
  9. Geographic keywords
  10. Call to Action keywords
  11. Educational keywords
Types of SEO Keywords

Market defining keywords

When anyone is trying to start an SEO campaign for the company, business or product, these are the keywords that usually pop into the head. Market defining keywords are common but most important keywords because they will give you an idea about the demand of your business or service.

If you have a “Sports Company” and sells Football, then Market defining keywords will be like:

  • Football
  • Football Brand
  • Football Company

Customer defining keywords

These types of keywords target those people who are most likely to buy from you and need what you are selling. Customer defining keywords will help you realize who your customers are so that you can easily target your customer and boost your business.

For our imaginary “Sports Company” Customer defining keywords will be like:

  • Football Players
  • Amateur Football Players
  • Football for Children

Product or Service keywords

Product or Service keywords are those keywords that a searcher will type in a search engine to find the service or product. Moreover, this kind of keywords describes the product best, because they are very straight to the point. That is why they are the very powerful choice of keywords for a business.

Product or Service keywords for our imaginary “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Football Air Pin
  • Football Air Pump Machine
  • Electric Air Pump for Football

Business to Business (B2B) keywords

Business to Business (B2B) keywords helps one business makes a commercial transaction with another Business. These types of keywords help to grow a network among the related business.

Business to Business (B2B) keywords for our made-up “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Football Manufacturer
  • Football Wholesaler
  • Football Retailer

Modifiers keywords

When we place some words before or after our “core keyword” and make long tail keywords (LTK), that it is called Modifiers keywords. These types of keywords attract more traffic for a website.

Modifiers keywords for our imaginary “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Latest Football Model
  • Best Football Price
  • Best Football Quality

Brand keywords

“Brand keywords” is one of the most important keywords while you are trying to brand your company. So Brand keywords are those search words or phrases that include the brand name. These kinds of keywords are used by searchers that have already heard of your business and looking for more information on a website.

Examples of Brand Keywords for our pretended “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Puma Football
  • Puma Football Reviews
  • Nike Football Information

Entity keywords

SEO has evolved gradually from one keyword-based method to a marketing method since the late 2000s. And Entity keywords now play a vital role in SEO. Entity keywords are more accurate keywords that reflect user intent. After the introduction of the Hummingbird update in 2013, Entity keywords become more important than keyword density.

Entity keywords for our hypothetical “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Football Shop
  • Latest Football Jersey
  • New Model Football Boots

Demographic Segmented keywords

There are many methods to target a specific group of a customer for a product or service. In SEO “Demographic Segmented keywords” does the job. These kinds of keywords divide customers into segments based on demographic values such as age, gender, occupation, education, religion, etc.

Demographic Segmented keywords for our theoretical “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Football for Kids
  • Football for Girls
  • Football for Beginners

Geographic keywords

These types of keywords target customer based on geographical areas like nations, states, regions, districts, cities etc. In local SEO and rankings, Geographic keywords play a very important role.

A sample of Geographic keywords for our imaginary “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Football Shop in Bangladesh
  • Football Shop in Dhaka
  • Football Shop in Dhanmondi

Call to Action keywords

“Call to Action keywords” is some keywords in a website that encourages the user to complete an action like sign up, call for order, find out more etc. This is the most vital point of advertising because the action will define if a user leaves the page or converts into a customer.

Call to Action keywords for our fictional “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Buy Football
  • Add Football to Cart
  • Discover Football Model

Educational keywords

In a website, Educational keywords cover those words, which will help a visitor or customer to learn more about the service or the product. These types of keywords are also important because it will reach out to your target audience and give them the reasons to buy your product.

Educational keywords for our hypothetical “Sports Company” will be like:

  • Learn Football Skills
  • How to Buy a Football
  • How to Use a Football Air Pump

Importance of SEO Keywords

Keywords are the most important element of SEO because they work as a link between the content of a website and what people are searching for. Some other importance of SEO Keywords are:

  • The main goal of SEO is to drive organic traffic to a website from the search engine result page, and the keywords that are selected for a site will determine what kind of traffic you get.
  • A well-optimized content with appropriate use of keyword has a great value regarding Google search ranking and it will help a site rank above its competitors.
  • With the help of keywords, you can understand the needs of the visitors, the type of content they seek. That will help you to select your niche and approach accordingly.
  • Keywords help you to divide customers into segments based on demographic and geographic values. So it makes easier for a company to target their customer based on nationality, age, gender, occupation etc.

Execution of SEO Keywords

As I say before keywords are one of the base pillars of SEO. Proper execution of SEO Keywords can lead you to the top position. On the other hand, Google de-rank website that has content with misleading keywords and use Keyword Stuffing to rank highly in SERPs. So it is very important to use keywords effectively and correctly.

There are some areas in a website, its page and its content, where adding keywords will boost the Google search engine ranking. They are:

  • Use of Keyword in Title Tag
  • Use of Keyword in Domain Name
  • Use of Keyword in Anchor Tags
  • Use of Keyword in Body Text
  • Use of Keyword in Page URL
  • Use of Keyword in H1 Tags
  • Use of Keyword in H2 – H6 Tags
  • Use of Keyword in Images Alt and Title Attributes
  • Use of Keyword in Description Meta Tag
SEO Keywords Execution

The closure

Keywords define each page of a site and it’s a part of a successful SEO campaign. But with time being, Google become smarter and their algorithm got stronger than ever.

So now it is very important not only to give attention on SEO Keywords but also to give emphasis on creating content that is unique, high quality, and relevant with appropriate keywords.

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