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Digital Marketing Opportunities And It’s Challenges

Digital marketing opportunities challenges

Digital marketing is a part of the digital world. And we all know how fast the digital world grows and how fast it changes. To keep pace with the online world, digital marketing is changing rapidly. And with every change made in digital marketing, there is new digital marketing opportunities and challenges waiting for us.

The main focus point of a digital marketer is his customers. There is a great change in customers’ views towards online marketing. So online marketers have to change their methods according to the demands of their targeted customers. Working as a Digital Marketing and SEO Strategist, I have faced lots of challenges in this sector and various opportunities as well. Keep reading the article to know more!

Digital Marketing Opportunities Challenges

No matter what business you are doing and what business others are doing, we all shares the same goal. That is to see our business top of the list. With the rapid changes in digital marketing, new opportunities open for the marketers. With every new opportunity there is new challenges waits.

Digital Marketing Opportunities

Digital marketing opportunities

Digital marketing is like an ocean. And we have very little knowledge about it. There are so many methods and opportunities that entrepreneurs are missing. Here are some trendy opportunities in online marketing that will boost your business in 2017. They are –

Dominance of Content Marketing

With the updated rules of SEO, content has become one of the most important factors in website ranking. Content marketing includes eBooks, blogging, and other content types. No doubt about the fact that in 2017 content will be more innovative, challenging and unique. It will be one of the best business tools for the years to come. Evergreen content is the main choice from the audience and it generates long lasting result.

Proper Use of Live Streaming

It is relatively a new term in social media but it opens a new door of opportunities for digital marketer. It provides a chance to live stream one’s life event directly to their online friends. As far as digital marketing’s concern; this is a great way to promote products directly through the internet.

Live Streaming

If a digital marketer present his product lives and answers any question regarding his product, then people are most likely to trust the marketer with their money. As it is a new trend you have to make sure that it is used in a professional way. Because this trend not only boost your business and product but also can lead you to failure if customers are not satisfied.

Using Google+ Platform

It is a very shocking fact that the use of Google+ for business promotion is very low. But it’s totally a free platform. And it can become a great platform for product marketing if anyone willing to use it properly.

A survey from Business Insider shows that Google+ now has 370 million active users and it has out ranked Twitter. So there is a huge amount of audience in this platform and now it’s the best time to use Google+ to promote product and business.

We can use Google+ platform in many ways; like using Google+ as our Business Page, Host Google+ Hangouts and by Joining and Creating Communities.

Use of YouTube Channel

Youtube Marketing

YouTube Channel opens a big opportunity for product marketing. A survey shows that People spend nearly 6 billion hours a month consuming YouTube content. And according to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all internet traffic in 2017 and YouTube will be on the top of the list.

There are some key reasons why digital marketing experts believe that YouTube marketing method will dominate the digital marketing sector. The reasons are –

  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users, and they spend millions of hours per day viewing videos.
  • This social media channel has launched native versions in more than 88 countries.
  • It is available in 76 different languages and it covers about 95% of the Internet users.
  • More than 50% of YouTube views are through mobile phones.

Source: (Statistics YouTube)

Virtual Reality

This is one of the latest fashions available on the market. Although the number of Virtual Reality users is low but there is no denying the fact that the demand of VR is on the rise.

We can engage the customers by creating VR promotional videos and that will allow the customers to experience the product in a very entertaining way. By doing so we can boost our business significantly because it’s new and different ways of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Challenges

Digital Marketing has come a long way. And its trends change so rapidly that every now and then there is a new method appears before us. Companies or digital marketers are trying their best to stay one step ahead or keep up with the flow. Here are some of the digital marketing challenges that digital marketer will face in the coming years.

Demand of the Customers

Customer Demand

The demand of the customer’s changes so frequently that it’s very hard to fulfill every demand. This is the most important challenges a digital marketer has to overcome; as customers are everything in a business.

According to a recent survey by Harris Poll Online “82% of US corporate executives said that customers’ expectations of their company were “somewhat” (47%) or “much” (35%) higher than they were three years ago. And it’s not easy to keep up, as nearly six in 10 said it was “somewhat” (50%) or “very” (9%) difficult for their company to please customers”

Lack of Skilled Professional

Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing. Now Companies are more interested in digital product promotion and there is a huge demand for digital marketer in market place. But the truth is there is lack of skilled professional in this sector.

This is a big challenge in the field of digital marketing. Because skills requires for a digital marketer is changing as new technologies and platforms become accessible and required to use.

So hiring recruit is a challenge for the companies. As they have to reconsider which skills and creativity a recruit needs in order to become successful as a digital marketer.

Maintaining Security

Maintaining Security

Security is one of the main concerns in digital world. Because people share verity of information in online and it includes personal information.

For digital marketing purpose people submit private information, visa card/master card number and other important documents. This creates a greater chance for hackers to break the security.

We can use a good firewall, HTTPS encryption and antivirus program for our site. But the best approach will be working with a security team. They will identify the flaws of our websites. And it will reduce the security risk.

Increase of Budget Due to Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is becoming one of the major concerns in digital marketing. A recent survey showed that in 2016 Ad fraud has cost more than 7.2 billion in advertising spent. Small entrepreneur and small companies is the worst sufferer of ad fraud.

The United States has the worst rates regarding ad fraud. Meanwhile countries like Germany, Australia and France have better ad fraud rates

 Huge Amount of Big Data

Big Data

Information is the soul of digital marketing. With the help of big data companies learn more about their customers and their choices. It gives the enterprises an opportunity to evaluate their products to replicate what people want.

However companies are struggling with the ever changing demands and choices of their customers. And there for; they are losing the customer’s confidence. Moreover many customers are not happy with the hyper-personalized offers. Because they think it has invaded their personal space.

Use of Ad Blockers

We are very familiar with the term ad blockers, as we use it every now and then to block ad. But from the digital marketing prospective this is becoming a very big problem. Because digital marketers are not able to reach their customers, through the ads.

The solution of this problem is Native Advertising. Native advertising is including sponsored blog posts, reviews and mentions. This method helps the marketer to get more customers. Because it ensures that the right clients are watching the ads.

The State of Inbound Report

According to the State of Inbound Report here are some other digital marketing challenges –

State of Inbound
  • Generating Traffic and Leads
  • Providing the ROI of Your Marketing Activities
  • Securing Enough Budget
  • Managing Our Website
  • Identifying the Right Technologies for Our Needs
  • Targeting Content for an International Audience
  • Training Our Team
  • Hiring Top Talent
  • Finding an Executive Sponsor

The closure

Digital Marketing is evolving every day. So what method is working today may not be effective tomorrow. Therefor digital marketer will face challenges every now and then.

The best way of surviving in digital marketing is study every method available and understand them. Then find out which method will be appropriate for your business. Apply that method and stay tuned for the update.

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